Here are some of most popular packages. But don’t worry if you’re not sure, I’ll make recommendations for which package will help you achieve your goals.

Separation Anxiety

Rachel is certified in the specialized training and treatment of Separation Anxiety and related behavioral issues.   If your dog is having trouble being left home alone for even short periods of time, we can help!


New Puppy

 (under 6 months)

Get your puppy started on the right paw! Learn all the management and training skills necessary for a safe and happy home life together. Covering potty training, socialization, nipping/mouthing, chewing, jumping, coming when called, crate and or mat training, and resource guarding.

Teen Wolf

 (6 months to 1.5 years)

Just when you thought you had your new pup all figured out, they turn into a rebellious teenager. Adolescence in dogs can bring its own set of challenges but these can be easily worked through with the right tools and techniques up your sleeve. We’ll cover challenges such as reacting to the door, not paying attention, destructive behavior, jumping on people, and more. Learn the steps to get your dog through the difficult stage leading up to becoming a full healthy and happy adult dog.

Adult Obedience

It’s never too late to help your dog learn good manners. This course will cover calm greetings, coming when called, relaxing on mat, drop it, leave it, resource guarding, and basics of loose leash training.


Newly Adopted Adult

You’ve made the wonderful choice of giving a dog in need a new home. Now what? Learn how to prevent problems before they start while making your new dog feel welcome and safe in their new home. We’ll cover all the essential basic obedience training as well as loose leash training.


*Number of sessions needed may vary depending on your goals.

Loose Leash

Enjoy walking your dog again! You don’t have to live with bad leash manners. We’ll work on pulling, barking, anxiety, and reactivity, teaching your dog good manners on leash – even around distractions such as other people and dogs.