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Online Dog Training Classes

Remote Online Dog Training Classes from Home via Live Zoom or Facetime Video Calls

All of my dog training classes are available to be delivered remotely via video calls using Zoom or Facetime.

5-Star Rated Online Dog Training Classes
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Problem Behaviors that Online Dog Training Classes Can Help

Your dog will benefit from our training if they exhibit any of these common issues:

  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping on people
  • Not coming when called
  • Destructive chewing
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Digging in the yard
  • Bad behavior on walks
  • Counter surfing (stealing food)
  • Aggression towards dogs or people
  • Nipping or biting
  • Poor socialization
  • Begging for food
Dog Obedience Problems Like Chewing

What Type of Training is Available Online?

All of my dog training classes can be done remotely over Facetime or Zoom video calls. This includes:

What Makes Online Dog Training Different?

Experience the convenience of remote training sessions that eliminate the hassle of traveling to physical locations. With the utilization of Facetime and Zoom for interactive training, you can engage with your trainer in real-time, making learning a fun and rewarding experience. Dive into the benefits of video training lessons that allow you to revisit and reinforce concepts at your own pace.

Choosing the Right Online Trainer for Your Dog

When selecting an online dog trainer, focus on qualities such as professionalism, experience, certifications, and a deep understanding of training methodologies. Look for trainers who offer customized training programs tailored to your dog’s specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach to behavior modification and skill development.

Improving Your Dog’s Behavior through Online Training

Tackle common behavioral issues in dogs with expert guidance and training techniques designed to address problematic behaviors effectively. 

Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Dog through Training

Cultivate a strong bond with your canine companion through private training sessions that cater to your dog’s individual requirements. Build a better relationship by engaging in customized training that strengthens communication and mutual understanding between you and your pet.

Getting Started with Online Dog Training Courses

Unlock the benefits of starting training early with puppies to establish a foundation of good behavior and obedience. Engage in online dog training courses that offer a range of skills and tricks to learn in each session, enhancing your dog’s training level and experience. Transition seamlessly from in-person trainers to online training for a convenient and effective training experience.

Easy as 1 • 2 • 3

3 Simple Steps to A Well-Behaved Dog

Whether your dog’s challenges are big or small, a positive reinforcement dog training program that utilizes methods backed by science can make an incredible difference in your dog’s behaviors.

  1. 1.

    Initial Discovery Session

    Develop a Customized Training Plan
    1-hour Workshop at Home or Video Call
  2. 2.

    Private At-Home Lessons

    Receive Your Individualized Training
    4 - 6 Lessons at Home or Video Call
  3. 3.

    Happy Dog, Happy Life

    Enjoy a Well-Behaved Dog!
    Reinforcement Lessons if Necessary
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Private Lessons

What Does Our Online Dog Training Classes Include?

Your training program is customized to you and generally covers all the essential basic obedience training your dog needs.

  • 1 full hour of stress-free training
  • 100% positive reinforcement based training methods
  • Rachel delivers the sessions via Facetime or Zoom video calls
  • The whole family can get involved - kids too!
  • Each lesson can adapt and focus on your requested priorities
  • Resources and products recommended for your specific situation
  • Easy tips that take just a few minutes a day to reinforce lessons
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Why Online Classes?

Better, Faster, Easier

Highly Effective Dog Obedience Classes

With personalized training, all online lessons are tailored to the exact needs of you and your dog.

Faster Pet Training Results

Your dog will start behaving sooner with individualized training.

Family Dog Training with the Family

Your dog will learn how to interact with your kids and other family members.

Each Online Training Session is Customized

Speak directly with your trainer, Rachel, at every session to share new and specific concerns.

Save Time and Hassle

No need to take valuable time getting your dog loaded in the car and driving back and forth to a trainer.

Healthier & Less Anxiety

No risk of contracting fleas or disease from other dogs. No rowdy dogs to stress out yours.

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Rachel Rollins Dog Trainer
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Why Choose Rachel?

Making a Pawsitive Difference

Lasting Results

Your dog will benefit from transformational habits that will last a lifetime. Your furry friend will receive proven, positive reinforcement training that is backed by science. Maintaining habits over time is simple with a few quick tricks that are easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Vetted Experience

Rest assured who your trainer will be. You’ll always have Rachel as your personal dog trainer. She is certified by the Karen Pryor Academy to deliver only modern, force-free, stress-free methods. A lot of dog training in Bethesda is by unvetted trainers who still use old-school methods that include punishment-based techniques.

Personalized Programs

You, your family, and your dog benefit from training plans specifically tailored to your dog’s needs in your unique home environment. Having the whole family involved sets the dog up for success. Also, at the start of every class, you can share any particular priorities you may have at that time. In this way, you get your specific concerns addressed.

Highly Recommended

Have confidence that you’re working with a highly-rated and widely-recommended trainer. Rollins Family Dog Training is rated 5 stars on Google and Yelp, and we are recommended by vets, shelters, and the best dog training experts in the greater Bethesda area.

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Our Dog Training Classes

  • Dog Obedience Training Classes

    Positive reinforcement dog obedience training classes with a private trainer. Your pet learns better behavior faster with humane dog training techniques.

  • Puppy Training Classes

    Are you a proud owner of a young dog, eager to see them thrive and behave well in any situation? Enroll your pup in a professional training class designed to cater to their specific needs and nurture their potential for learning and growth.

  • Aggressive Dog Training Program

    You don’t have to accept your dog’s bad behaviors. We’ll work on aggressive (we prefer the term “reactive”) symptoms such as pulling, lunging, barking, and anxiety – even around distractions such as people and other dogs.

  • Dog Separation Anxiety Training

    If your dog is having trouble being left home alone for even short periods of time, we can help! Rachel provides customized lessons to promote calm behavior for your anxious dog.

  • At-Home Dog Training Classes

    Tailored, at-home dog training classes designed to provide your furry friend with the best training experience right in the comfort of your own home.

  • Online Dog Training Classes

    All of my dog training classes are available to be delivered remotely via video calls using Zoom or Facetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Risk-Free Guarantee applies to the Initial Discovery Session only. If you feel that you did not receive value from your Initial Discovery Session, you can request for a refund within 24 hours of the session. The request should include a brief explanation of why you feel you did not receive value.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive value from our first session together. The Guarantee does not apply to subsequent sessions.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Rollins Family Dog Training uses only positive reinforcement techniques based on the most up to date research in behavioral science.

This means we are committed to making the learning process not fun and affective for both you and your dog. We will never use punishment or fear based methods to meet your training goals.

Positive reinforcement training uses approached training by using rewards to promote good behavior. Contrary to the popular myth, this does not mean that we allow unwanted behavior to take place unchecked.

Through the use of crate training as well as play pins, baby gates, and many other safety techniques, we restrict the ability to perform bad behavior while training alternative good behaviors.

Many dogs (especially young dogs) will be a bit anxious for a short while when their owner leaves them home alone. Most dogs that start out upset about being left home alone will eventually be able to calm down and rest after a short period of time.

When a dog spends an hour or more crying, pacing, or being destructive in the house then they might be suffering from separation anxiety. If this is the case with your dog then specialized training to help develop new coping skills is the only way to help cure this condition.

Rollins Family Dog Training is specially certified to help with this specific form of anxiety disorder. Please schedule a free phone consultation today!

Training is to dogs what learning a new language is to humans; the younger they are, the faster and easier it is for them learn.

It’s always a good idea to start training your puppy as soon as they are brought home but it’s also never too late to learn the basics of good manners training.

Whether your dog is a puppy or an older adult, positive reinforcement training can always provide tremendous benefits and only strengthen your bond and communication with your dog.

Every dog is a unique individual with you their own special needs as far as training good behavior goes.

At Rollins Family Dog Training we tailor each training program around the particular needs of the dog and owner that we are currently working with.

This approach guarantees the fastest possible results for you and your four legged family member.

Dog barking, including demand barking, anxiety barking, and alert barking, are very common problems that we are fully qualified to address using positive techniques with dogs of all breeds and dogs of all sizes.

Training for good manners while on leash is one of the most common struggles that dog owners face in the busy city environment that most of us live in.

We have years of experience successfully training dogs to become happy well mannered companions while out and about in any environment.

Because we treat each dog and owner as individuals and work to create training programs to address your specific needs, there is no single price for training.

We want to make sure we are giving you the services that fit your needs specifically without adding on any extra unnecessary time or work.

For this reason, prices will vary as we discuss with you the best training package based on your goals and then decide together which of our training packages would best work for you.

Please schedule a free phone consultation for more information on the different plans available and the pricing for each.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us!